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Education and Training

Geospatial@SLU is committed to enhancing undergraduate and graduate education at Saint Louis University. Below are a variety of programs and educational opportunities available to students.

Geospatial Research at SLU

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Geoinformatics and Geospatial Analytics

Saint Louis University’s Bachelor of Science program in geoinformatics and geospatial analytics prepares graduates for geospatial careers around the globe. It combines theory and practice to train the geospatial professionals of tomorrow. 

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Master of Science in Geographic Information Science

Saint Louis University’s master’s program in geographic information science addresses an increasing demand for professionals with geospatial science skills. It offers a combination of geospatial theory and practical training.

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Certificate Programs and Minors

Workforce Development

Workforce Development Courses and Certificates

St. Louis is fast becoming a hub for the rapidly growing geospatial industry. Workforce development plays a critical role in supporting this ecosystem. Geospatial@SLU is taking a leading role in training and developing the next generation of geospatial experts. Through the Saint Louis University Workforce Center, we offer a wide range of short-term courses that succinctly introduce industry professionals to the fundamentals of geospatial science as well as more advanced topics. Upskill your amazing workforce at SLU. Here is a small sample of the courses we offer:

Learn more about geospatial courses focusing on professional development offered through the Saint Louis University Workforce Center. Custom curricula can be designed for interested partners.

Teaching Labs

Geographic Information System Lab

Located in Des Peres Hall, Rm 204, this teaching lab has 30 computers running Windows 10 (6.5TB storage, 16GB RAM, Intel i5 Processor) installed latest remote sensing, GIS, and GPS software packages (ArcGIS Pro/Desktop, ENVI+IDL, SARscape, QGIS, SPSS, R, Python, Trimble Pathfinder Office, Microsoft Office, GeoDA, GeoDaSpace).

GIS Mapping Lab  

Located in Morrissey Hall, Rm 3600, this teaching lab has 28 computers running Windows 10 installed latest GIS and spatial statistics software packages (ArcGIS Pro/Desktop, QGIS, SPSS, R, Python, Microsoft Office, GeoDA, GeoDaSpace).

Civil Engineering Computing Lab  
Located in McDonnell Douglas Hall, Room 2110, this teaching lab has 24 computers running Windows 10 with latest GIS/GPS software.