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Education and Training

The Geospatial Institute is committed to enhancing undergraduate and graduate education at Saint Louis University. Below are a variety of programs and educational opportunities available to students.

Geospatial Research at SLU

Degree Programs

Master of Science in Geographic Information Science

Saint Louis University’s master’s program in geographic information science addresses an increasing demand for professionals with geospatial science skills. It offers a combination of geospatial theory and practical training.

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 Integrated and Applied Sciences, Ph.D.

The Integrated and Applied Sciences program offers several tracks in geospatial sciences including biology (bioinformatics, geospatial biology); chemistry (analysis and physical characterization, synthesis and materials); environmental science and geographic information systems; and physics (nanomaterials and condensed matter).

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Certificate Programs and Minors

Teaching Labs

Geographic Information System Lab

Located in Des Peres Hall, Rm 204, this teaching lab has 30 computers running Windows 10 (6.5TB storage, 16GB RAM, Intel i5 Processor) installed latest remote sensing, GIS, and GPS software packages (ArcGIS Pro/Desktop, ENVI+IDL, SARscape, QGIS, SPSS, R, Python, Trimble Pathfinder Office, Microsoft Office, GeoDA, GeoDaSpace).

GIS Mapping Lab  

Located in Morrissey Hall, Rm 3600, this teaching lab has 28 computers running Windows 10 installed latest GIS and spatial statistics software packages (ArcGIS Pro/Desktop, QGIS, SPSS, R, Python, Microsoft Office, GeoDA, GeoDaSpace).

Civil Engineering Computing Lab  
Located in McDonnel Douglas Hall, Room 2110, this teaching lab has 24 computers running Windows 10 with latest GIS/GPS software.