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Damages and Appeals

Saint Louis University tracks the condition of residence hall rooms and apartments using inventory forms. You can find your form online in the mySLU housing portal.

Housing staff will conduct an initial review of the room before you arrive and document pre-existing damage. During move-in, you will have a chance to review and add any items to the form.

The same form is referenced at move-out. Any new damage beyond normal wear and tear, as determined by the University staff, will be charged to your account. Fees may also be charged if a space is left dirty or belongings are abandoned.

Charges for damage will include a description (such as "Paint wall 3” or "Fusz lock change”).

Any amount charged to a student's account is their responsibility, even if they want to file a damage appeal. To avoid finance charges, do not wait until the appeal process has ended before paying University account balances.

Appealing Damage

Damage appeals must be submitted online by the deadline each semester. Appeals received later than that date will not be considered.

Each damage appeal will be reviewed by a damage appeals board made up of professional staff from housing and residence life, facilities and custodial services. Students will not meet in person with the appeal committee. All considerations will be made based on the information that is submitted as part of the appeal. Appeals must include the student's name and Banner ID number, the building and room involved, and specific reasons why the charge(s) are in error or should be reversed.

Account Adjustments

Account adjustments resulting from a successful appeal will be only for the original charge. Students will not receive a credit for any finance charges incurred as a result of an unpaid balance.

Refunds may be applied to an account without notification. For example, a charge may be revised or reversed if your roommate claims responsibility for damage that has been assigned to you. A granted appeal related to the damage in a common space may result in a refund to all occupants, but only the appealing student will receive notification.