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Exemption and Contract Release

Specific criteria need to be met for a student to be released from Saint Louis University’s residency requirement, the housing contract or to be exempt from meal plans.

Residency Exemption

Returning students with housing contracts who prefer to live at home this fall may submit a residency exemption form via mySLU and provide associated documentation to the Department of Housing and Residence Life. 

First-year and transfer students who need to request an exemption from a residency requirement should email You will need to provide information about your reasons for exemption.

Housing exemptions are being addressed on a rolling basis. Do not make arrangements for alternate housing until you are notified by Saint Louis University that an exception has been granted. If an exemption is not granted, you will be held responsible for your housing contract. 

Exceptions may be considered for the following reasons:

You live at home with a parent or guardian within a commutable distance.

Documentation: This Google Form followed by confirmation from your guardian. The guardian on the form will be contacted on a rolling basis to verify the information submitted.

You are older than 21.

Documentation: Not required. Your age will be verified with University records.

You are married.

Documentation: Copy of marriage license.

You are a parent.

Documentation: Copy of birth certificate of the dependent child.

You are in the military.

Documentation: A copy of your military record.

Financial hardship.

Documentation: A personal statement as well as supporting documentation that could include your financial aid award letter, documents from parents or employers, bank statements, loan information, and any other financial or legal documentation. Withdrawal of financial support from your family may not be a criterion for exemption.

You have a medical or psychological condition.

Documentation: A personal statement, as well as a signed and dated statement from your treating physician or therapist on office letterhead is required and must include: your diagnosis, treatment plan and how each relates to your housing request. The letter must be dated no more than three months prior to when you request exemption.

Residential Contract Release 

Your housing agreement with the University is a contract. While there are some circumstances where a request to be released from the contract will be granted, there may be financial implications, particularly if a request is made later in the contract period.

Contracts can be viewed via the mySLU portal. Request for contract release may be considered for the following factors:

  • Withdrawal or transfer from the University
  • Study abroad
  • Internship, practicum or military obligation
  • Marriage
  • Medical or psychological conditions
  • Financial hardship

Cases cannot be considered until all necessary facts are collected. Appropriate documentation must be submitted with your application and will be considered by the assistant director for assignments and marketing.

A decision will be sent to you via USPS and SLU email. If you do not agree with the decision, you have five business days to appeal in writing to the University’s contract release review board.

Request Contract Release (PDF)