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Room Assignments and Changes

Saint Louis University assigns housing based on your stated preferences and availability. Reassignments are not always possible but are considered in the following circumstances.

Reassignments for Current Students Before Move-In

While every effort is made to provide you with the housing and roommate you want for the upcoming year, you may not receive your first choices. After initial assignments go out each spring, there is a designated period when requests to change buildings or roommates are accepted. All requests for reassignment from current students must be submitted during the designated reassignment period. Requests received after this date and time will not be considered. Additional questions may be submitted using the contacts in the left sidebar.

If a new housing assignment is approved, your costs may change. You are responsible for discussing this with your family or anyone else who needs to be consulted regarding your account and expenses.

Reassignments Associated with Roommate Conflicts 

Living in a new place with another person can sometimes present challenges, and disagreements between roommates is normal. That’s why you and your roommates will work with your resident advisor (RA) to complete a roommate agreement during the first two weeks of classes. This document helps you talk through topics that commonly lead to disagreements or misunderstandings, such as visitors, cleanliness, and borrowing food and clothes.

If a problem occurs after that point, talk to your RA first. They can connect you to resources and help facilitate conversation about the issue. An unbiased third party, such as an RA or residence hall coordinator (RHC) can also help via mediation. As part of this process, everyone has a chance to be heard, and the group will work toward a solution that is beneficial to all parties.

Some roommate conflicts require a number of mediations before they find a solution. Others cannot be resolved. In those cases, and only in those cases, a room reassignment will be considered, provided:

  1. Vacant space is available.
  2. All students affected have consented to the change.
  3. SLU’s professional staff has approved the change.

Administrative Reassignments

SLU reserves the right to reassign an individual or a group of individuals at any time. This policy is usually, but not exclusively, applied in situations where a student or group of students have recurring behavioral problems or have been responsible for community damage.

Residents of communities, whether that be a room or floor, with environments that are displaying behaviors inconsistent with the University's values, mission or policies are subject to an administrative move.

If an administrative reassignment occurs, the student or students involved will be responsible for any additional room charges affiliated with the new assignment.