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Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Accident Insurance

Options for life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and accident insurance are available for Saint Louis University employees.

For life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, you may change beneficiaries at any time by completing a new change beneficiary designation event in Workday . You may change your amount of life or accidental death and dismemberment insurance during Open Enrollment.

Accident Insurance

Saint Louis University offers accident insurance to its benefit eligible employees. Offered through Voya, the benefit will help protect you financially by reimbursing you for expenses that are incurred due to an accident. This includes, but is not limited to, hospital care, follow-up visits and emergency expenses.

New employees wishing to enroll must complete their elections using the "New Hire Menu" found in their Workday inbox within 31 days of their full time date of hire. Otherwise, enrollment during the plan year is permitted during the annual open enrollment period each November also using Workday. Employees can elect or change the benefit within 31 days of a life change such as marriage, dependent birth/adoption or loss of coverage through another source by submitting a benefits event in Workday. Only during open enrollment and qualifying events can employees make changes to their accident benefit.

Employees who enroll in the accident benefit are eligible for an additional wellness benefit upon the completion of health screening tests. 

Accident Plan Summary and Rates

Additional Information about the Accident Insurance Plan

Wellness Benefit Information

Submitting an Accident Claim

Use the Voya Claim Center to file a claim electronically, or paper claims may also be filed using the Accident Claim Form for Employee, Form #171874. If needed, Saint Louis University's group number is 68504-6. Paper claims can be sent directly to Voya using the address or fax number listed on the form. For questions, please call Voya at 888-238-4840.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance from Cigna(New York Life) provides insurance protection if your death is the result of an accident. It also provides benefits for the accidental loss of hands, feet, eyesight, speech or hearing. The policy will not pay benefits for accidents where the covered individual was flying as a member of an aircraft crew or riding in a University owned, leased or operated aircraft. Accidental death and dismemberment plan options include:

  • The base plan provides a benefit in the amount of one times the covered employee's base annual salary up to a maximum of $600,000. Saint Louis University pays the entire premium for the base plan.
  • Optional coverage is available in units of $10,000 up to $500,000 on your life, at a cost to you. The cost is $.021 per month for each $10,000 selected. Amounts over $150,000 cannot be more than 10 times your annual salary.

Dependent Coverage

Family accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage is also available at $.032 per month for each $10,000 selected (including employee coverage). The plan includes coverage for your spouse at 40 percent of your selected benefit and ten percent for each eligible child. If you have a spouse and no children, the spouse's benefit is increased to 50 percent or one half of your selected benefit. If you have children and no spouse, the benefit is 15 percent per eligible child.

See the insurance certificates below for more information.

Life Insurance

Saint Louis University's life insurance carrier is Cigna(New York Life). Employees have the following coverage options:

  • The base plan provides insurance in the amount of one times the covered employee's base annual or contract salary - up to a maximum of $400,000. The entire premium for the base plan is paid by Saint Louis University and becomes effective on your date of full-time employment.
  • Optional coverage allows you to select additional levels of life insurance in equal to one, two, or three times your base annual salary, with a maximum amount of $600,000 in additional optional coverage. The optional insurance will be at your cost. The monthly cost for optional coverage is based upon the participating employee's age according to the schedule below. 
Age Monthly Rate Factor Bi-Weekly Rate Factor
Less than 30 0.000039 0.0000180
30-34 0.000052 0.0000240
35-39 0.000059 0.0000272
40-44 0.000072 0.0000332
45-49 0.000124 0.0000572
50-54 0.000221 0.0001020
55-59 0.000383 0.0001768
60-64 0.000584 0.0002695
65-69 0.000974 0.0004495
70-74 0.001532 0.007071
75+ 0.00206 0.009508


To calculate the premium for an additional one, two or three times your annual salary, multiply your annual salary by the monthly or bi-weekly rate factor that corresponds to your age. This amount will equal the premium for each optional one time the annual salary benefit amount. 

See the insurance certificates below for more information.

Converting Life Insurance

Your Cigna (New York Life) life insurance may be convertible and or portable. For information on converting your Cigna(New York Life) Group Term Life Insurance policy to an individual policy, please call Cigna(New York Life) at 1-888-842-4462 or visit You will need to provide Saint Louis University's policy number, which is FLX968737, as well as your level of coverage. Figures for base and optional life insurance may be found by viewing current benefit elections in Workday.

Life Insurance Extension Resources