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CSO Funding Resources

Chartered Student Organizations (CSOs) are groups of Saint Louis University students joined together in the pursuit of a common purpose that is consistent with the University’s institution mission and recognized by the Student Government Association.

CSOs that are in good standing with the SGA have access to certain privileges and rights, including:

  • The ability to apply for Student Activity Fee funds
  • Reserve space on campus for meetings and events
  • Use and manage a SLU groups page
  • Advertise on campus, and more!

The following resources have been designed to assist CSOs navigating University and SGA policies:


The Student Activity Fee was created to fund student organizations on campus. All CSOs in good standing are eligible to apply for funds. 

 The following documents cover important information to remain to good financial standing, how a CSO can access their funds, and how to apply for different types of funding. 

CSO Financial Requirements
How to Access Funds

For any specific or additional questions about how to access your funds, please contact your organizations finance advisor:

Club Sports: Simon Recreation Center
All other CSOs: Christian Shields

First, consult your budget. When spending Student Activity Fee funds, only the specific line items funded by the SGA Senate can be utilized. Additional fundraised or collected funds may be used to purchase/fund additional items/events. 

Reimbursement Form

P-card Check Out Form

Speaker Policy Form

Pizza Order Form

Event and Conference Evaluations

For events that receive $250 or more in Student Activity Fee funding, an event evaluation form must be completed within two weeks of the event occurring.

Event Evaluation Form

All funded conferences must have a conference evaluation submitted within two weeks after the conference end date to be considered for funding in the next fiscal year.

Conference Evaluation Form


The reallocation policy was created to allow greater flexibility for CSOs to utilize Student Activity Fee funding in the event of a change of plans or direction the organization was planning on taking. Below is the reallocation policy as well as the request form. Please keep in mind that reallocations may require a meeting with the VP of Finance to be approved and that all approval is at the discretion of the VP. 

Reallocation Policy

Reallocation Request Form

Spot Funding

A portion of the Student Activity Fee is reserved by the Finance Committee for items and events that are beyond the ability of a CSO to plan for at the time that budgets are submitted during the Annual Funding. Any CSO that submitted an annual budget is eligible to apply for Spot Funding that was either awarded a Zero Dollar Allocation during Annual Funding or for an event/issue that was unforeseeable. 

To apply for Spot Funding, please email the below template to Budget requests submitted using an incorrect template will not be accepted. Also see the below Spot Funding Directives, which detail what the committee can and cannot fund. 

Spot Funding Excel Template
Spot Funding Directives 
Spot Funding Overview

New Charter Funding

Just Chartered? Your organization is eligible for New Charter Funding. Below are the directives/rules the committee with use when determining what to fund. To apply, fill out the below template and send to Feel free to reach out to your funding liaison to help in creating your budget request.

New Charter Funding Excel Template
New Charter Funding Directives