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Institutional Social Media Use

If you are posting to an account representing Saint Louis University (this can include a program, department/division, school/college, center/building or any other SLU entity with the exception of student-run organizations or groups) you must adhere to the following guidelines and policies in addition to all of the guidelines otherwise mentioned.

Authorization and Notice

In order to ensure compliance with state and federal privacy laws and patient privacy, School of Medicine and SLUCare social media requests should be directed to SLUCare marketing.

If you would like to create any other official University social media account for your class, department or program, or post comments, video and other material concerning University related activities to another site, you must first contact and receive prior approval from the appropriate vice president, dean or his or her designee.

You must also notify Marketing and Communications of such social media sites before establishing a page.

Have a Plan to Manage Content

If you use social media on behalf of the University, either as part of a curriculum or in some other manner in pursuit of the University's mission, it is essential that the content and account be regularly monitored.

Management of Account

  • All University social media accounts must have a specifically assigned full-time University employee to monitor and post content to the account regularly. The name of the responsible employee and his or her contact information must be provided to Saint Louis University’s division of Marketing and Communication. The account's "About" section should mention that the site is maintained by a University employee.
  • Please be aware that any account created that represents Saint Louis University is the property of Saint Louis University. As such, you may be required to provide the login information or share administrative privileges. This protects the University in the event of employment changes or copyright/trademark challenges.
  • Each University entity that maintains an official social media presence must also have a designated person empowered to respond to comments and questions, and otherwise ensure that the content posted to the site (on behalf of the University or by third parties) is consistent with these guidelines. If there is any question about whether it is appropriate to write about certain subjects, or whether it is appropriate to write about a subject in your role at the University, ask your department head before you post.

Integrity of Content

  • All content posted to SLU social media accounts must be original or reposted with permission. Do not represent shared content as your own. If you choose not to share using tools within a social media platform (for example, retweeting on Twitter or the share button on Facebook), then you must attribute the content to and have written permission to use from the original creator.
  • Departments should consider their message, audiences and goals for their social media site before establishing a page. Where possible, departments are encouraged to coordinate with other University sites.
  • Accounts representing SLU must remain active. An account that goes a month or more with no activity will be considered dormant. If you are contacted by Marketing and Communications about a dormant account, you have 60 days to bring the account into compliance. If the account is not compliant at that time, it will be recommended for deletion.
  • Saint Louis University has photo releases available through the Division of Marketing and Communications. These releases must be used in the event that you post photos that include minor children or if you intend to use an image in paid social media posts (this includes boosted or promoted posts).
  • All accounts are required to follow applicable laws, including FERPA and HIPAA regulations. (See the “Protect Confidential and Proprietary Information” section for additional details.)
  • Please remember that any content you promote on a University account represents SLU and should promote the standards expected from a top-ranked university.

Respect Copyright and Fair Use Laws

  • You must respect the U.S. copyright and intellectual property rights of others when posting. Unlawful use of another's mark or intellectual property is not acceptable merely because that use occurs on social media or because we are an educational institution. If you are ever in doubt, please refer to the University's Copyright Policy, or contact the Office of the General Counsel for guidance.
  • Visual and audio content must comply with copyright and fair use laws; this includes music added to originally created videos, as well as video produced by a third-party.

    Please bear in mind that fair use regulations differ by application. Anything used on a website or social media account for Saint Louis University may be considered marketing.

Political Speech is Prohibited

Saint Louis University is a 501(c)(3)tax-exempt organization. As a condition of maintaining its tax exempt status the University is prohibited from intervening in political campaign activities, either directly or indirectly, in support of candidates for any elected public office. The prohibition on political campaign interventions is absolute, covering all uses of University assets and resources.

Employees are strictly prohibited from undertaking political campaign activities at all times in which they are required to render services to the University and when acting as a representative of the University outside of their work. If you make political statements though social media and you have in any way identified yourself as an employee of the University, you must expressly state that you are not speaking on behalf of the University.

Be a Good Ambassador

  • Saint Louis University has many stakeholders who work hard to maintain the University’s reputation. Consider these stakeholders, and the University, when posting on SLU's behalf.
  • If you communicate online about the University or University-related matters, use good judgment, disclose your connection to the University and make sure you have all the facts before posting. Strive for accuracy, proofread and spell check; errors and omissions reflect poorly on the University and may have significant consequences.
  • If you are in error, or have inadvertently omitted pertinent information in your post, acknowledge the error and make corrections quickly and prominently.

Protect Confidential and Proprietary Information

Do not post confidential or proprietary information about Saint Louis University, its students, their parents, its employees, its donors or its alumni. Examples of categories of confidential information that must not be revealed include, but are not limited to: student education records, admissions documents, disciplinary proceedings, patient health records, personnel records, personal or institutional financial information, information related to research, proprietary knowledge and intellectual property.

 You must follow all applicable federal privacy regulations including, without limitation, the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act ("HIPPA"), the Family Educational Records Privacy Act ("FERPA"), and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act ("GLB"), and adhere to all University privacy and confidentiality policies. Employees who share confidential information do so at the risk of disciplinary action or termination. This recommendation does not extend, and specifically excludes, protected activity under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act.

Review SLU's Guidelines for Personal Use of Social Media