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Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping is the process through which faculty identify how the courses in the program foster achievement of the student learning outcomes. The end product of this process is typically a table identifying alignment of SLOs and courses. The implementation of the curriculum map is step 2 in the assessment cycle: Facilitate learning experiences.

At Saint Louis University, as part of the program-level assessment plan template, we ask programs to consider in which courses faculty will intentionally work to foster some level of student development toward achievement of the outcome as well as the level at which student development is expected in each course (e.g., introduced, developed, reinforced, achieved, etc.). To respond to this component, programs may choose to include a curriculum map.

There are various approaches to curriculum mapping, such as identifying not just if a course supports a SLO, but also the degree to which it does and the artifact for assessment being produced in the course. See the guides in the Resources section below for more examples.

Please contact Marissa Cope, assessment director, at with questions or for support with your curriculum mapping efforts.