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University Assessment Committee

In response to the demonstrated need for more faculty leadership of and ownership for educational assessment University-wide, in January 2017 the Office of the Provost established a new standing committee: the University Assessment Committee (UAC).

Committee Charge and Responsibilities

The University Assessment Committee is charged with advancing the maturation of SLU’s collective educational assessment efforts. The Committee is also charged to support the fulfillment of our assessment-related obligations to our institutional accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission. Specific responsibilities of the Committee include the following (applicable to all undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs across all locations and delivery formats):

  • undertake interdisciplinary faculty peer review of and feedback on assessment plans, results, and use of assessment data to inform changes in curriculum and pedagogy
  • advocate for online resources, assessment workshops, guest speakers/consultants, and similar professional development initiatives as needed

This University-level committee in no way competes with or negates the need for any existing assessment committees at the college/school/center or department/program levels. The Committee is designed to offer University-level analysis of the work of such other committees in the context of institutional responsibilities for student learning.

Committee Membership

The Committee is composed of:

  •  one faculty member from each college/school/center, appointed by the respective dean (note: qualified appointees should have direct responsibility for and experience with program-level assessment; faculty who serve in administrative roles are eligible)
  • one representative from the Faculty Senate
  • one representative from the University Libraries
  • the Assessment Director, who chairs the committee and support it administratively on behalf of the Provost

To support continuity of membership, and to sustain members’ substantive professional development in the assessment of student learning, appointments to the Committee are for 3-year terms.

2022-23 Membership Roster

Unit Representative
Chaifetz School of Business Heather Bednarek, Economics
College for Public Health and Social Justice TBD
College of Arts and Sciences Kristin Kiddoo, Psychology
Doisy College of Health Sciences Elizabeth Glockel-Blessing, Associate Dean
School for Professional Studies Srikanth Mudigonda, Analytics
School of Education Jaime Welborn, Education Leadership and Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator
School of Law Lynn Hartke, Reference/Educational Services Librarian
School of Medicine Divya Subramaniam, Health and Clinical Outcomes Research
School of Science and Engineering Raymond LeBeau, Aerospace Engineering
School of Social Work Dyan McGuire, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Valentine School of Nursing Joanne Langan, Professor and Former Associate Dean
Faculty Senate Lynn Hartke, School of Law
University Libraries Amy Pennington,  Assistant Dean for Collection Management Services
Faculty Fellow (former) Sheri Anderson, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Office of the Provost Marissa Cope, Assessment Director (Chair)