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Grant Operation (GO) Centers

The Saint Louis University Grant Operation (GO) Centers brings together key pre- and post-award staff into a single team to provide hands-on support to SLU faculty applying for and managing their grants.

This infrastructure combines many of the departmental and central research tasks into one cohesive team, and it allows for the submission of applications with fewer steps and better communication while making it faster and easier to receive and manage awards.

The first Grant Operation (GO) Center was launched on Dec. 1, 2017, and it supports the research needs of faculty from Arts and Sciences, the Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing, Doisy College of Health Sciences, the College for Public Health and Social Justice, the School of Social Work, the School of Education, the School of Science and Engineering, University Libraries and other academic units outside of the School of Medicine.

Located in Fusz Hall, the GO Center team members welcome your research teams to meet in their new space that is conducive to a collaborative working and research environment. The launch of the two remaining GO Centers is being coordinated with the School of Medicine TEAM Project.

Questions about this new research infrastructure or space can be directed to Matt Renaud, GO Center, at

GO Centers' Services

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) reviews and approves all grant submissions to external sponsors, as well as negotiates and accepts all research awards on behalf of Saint Louis University. The GO Center offers specific pre- and post-award services for all SLU researchers as noted below. 

Pre-Award Services

  • Initiates and prepares internal and external grant submissions
    • Assists in setting up proposals in the appropriate university (e.g, Workday) or sponsor (e.g., ASSIST) research administration systems
    • Completes administrative information in grant applications
    • Assembles appropriate application components
    • Drafts project budget and advises on budget justification
    • Obtains appropriate subcontractor paperwork
    • Ensures all applications meet sponsor and university guidelines and deadlines, including management of the just-in-time process
    • Monitors institutional reviews and approvals while obtaining appropriate signatures, as needed
  • Submits proposal for faculty member, where appropriate

For details on the pre-award roles and responsibilities of the PI and of the GO Centers, please click here.

Post-Award Services

  • Establishes internal and external grant and contract awards
    • Sets-up pending and active funds, as well as complete budget requests
    • Ensures awarded grant contract/agreement/subcontract is fully executed
    • Executes grant subcontracts and/or consulting agreements to outside parties
  • Manages post-award operations
    • Reviews budgets and reconciles award expenditures on a regular basis
    • Monitors compliance with sponsor and university regulations
    • Notifies and assists with no-cost extensions, progress reports and close-outs
    • Assists faculty in completing effort reports
    • Updates post-award documentation in the appropriate university (e.g, Workday) or sponsor (e.g., Fastlane) research administration systems and monitors institutional reviews and approvals, where appropriate

  • Monitors faculty indirect recovery accounts

GO Center Team

The GO Center team provides hands-on support to faculty applying for and managing their grants. 

Interested in applying for a funding opportunity? The earlier you contact your assigned GO Center pre-award specialist the more we can help you. We ask that faculty submit proposals in the Workday system at least five days prior to the sponsor deadline to ensure enough time for a thorough review and to obtain institutional approval.

Not part of a GO Center yet, but need assistance with your grant submission? You can email Vicki Moreland at  or Terri Borowiak at for support. 

Questions about how to get started on your research once you have been officially notified of your grant award? Please contact your assigned GO Center post-award specialist. To begin spending on a sponsored award, there are specific steps that must be taken in order to set up the fund according to University and sponsor guidelines.

Find Your Assigned GO Center Specialist

Additional questions about the GO Center team can be directed to Matt Renaud, GO Center director, at


Workday is a grants-management system used for Web-based proposal submission and research compliance. With questions related to the system, please contact your department's grant administrator or your GO Center representative.