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Saint Louis University’s international programs are University-sponsored opportunities for students to study, research or serve outside the United States.

International Program Proposal Process Overview

All international programs at SLU begin with with a program proposal from faculty or staff. International program proposals are reviewed by the Office of International Services and then go to the Vice President of Enrollment Management.  Short-term programs associated with the Saint Louis University Madrid campus will be approved by the Madrid administration. We encourage early and informal consultation by faculty and staff exploring international program options.

After your international program is approved, the Office of International Services will assist you in navigating the affiliation agreement process and developing program marketing. 

Short-Term International Programs

Short-term international programs provide opportunities to challenge students to think critically and develop a deeper awareness of the global community. These programs provide valuable international experiences for students who otherwise may not be able to live and study abroad.

New and Repeat Short Term International  Programs

In a short-term international program, SLU faculty or staff members accompany students abroad anywhere from one week to eight weeks. Credit-bearing programs incorporate a strong academic component and provide an opportunity for students to receive 1-6 academic credit hours, depending on the length and content of the program and departmental approval.

Non-credit-bearing international programs include experiences that are not associated with a particular course and participating students do not receive Saint Louis University academic credit. The international dimension must be relevant to your department's academic mission.

Interested in proposing a new or repeat short-term faculty led study abroad program? Submit the New and Repeat Short-Term International  Program Proposal to Kamryn Moore. For repeat programs, please provide detailed information regarding any changes to the program.

Semester and Year Academic Study Abroad Programs

Many SLU students choose to participate in immersive semester and yearlong international experiences.

New Semester and Academic Year Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

Study abroad programs enable SLU students to study at a partner institution on a fee-paying basis. Saint Louis University students pay a study abroad program fee, determined by the Office of International Services, and Saint Louis University then pays the partner institution.

Exchange partnerships are programs in which SLU students study at a partner international institution and, in exchange, students from the partner international institution study at SLU. These agreements are typically based on a one-to-one exchange within an academic year, with an exchange of students but no exchange of funds; SLU students continue to pay SLU tuition.

Interested in proposing a new semester or academic year study abroad program? Submit a New Semester and Academic Year Study Abroad & Exchange Program Proposal to Kamryn Moore.

Additional Resources 

Faculty and Staff Out-of-Country Medical Expense Coverage and 24/7 Assistance Services

University insurance is required for all travelers. As part of Saint Louis University's business travel accident program, University employees who work 32 hours a week or more and travel on University-sponsored business may be entitled to international travel accident coverage for you, your spouse and children traveling with you. For additional information and enrollment, contact the Office of Risk Management.

Part-time employees will need to purchase international insurance through the Saint Louis University GeoBlue Insurance plan prior to departure. Payment for the international insurance may be made through SLU Marketplace or Inter-Departmental Order (IDO) and may be arranged directly with the Office of International Services.

Pre-Departure Requirements

Please contact the Office of International Services to set up the appropriate application and pre-departure requirements for your program through the online Billikens Abroad study abroad management system. Program participants will then be able to log in to their Billikens Abroad account to electronically complete their pre-departure requirements, including: participation agreement, student conduct check, copy of signed passport, copy of flight itinerary, emergency contact information, etc.

Please note that each department is responsible for charging students the international insurance fee. The international insurance fee should be included in the overall student program fee, as it is mandatory. The sponsoring department will then submit one payment to the Office of International Services, as a group, either through an IDO or a single Marketplace transaction. The cost is $20 per week, per student. Group leaders should reach to Kamryn Moore to fill out the roster that includes the name, email address and Banner ID of each student participating in the program.


*If you are proposing a program that involves student travel to a country currently under a U.S. Department of State or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travel warning, please carefully review and adhere to the Saint Louis University Student Travel Advisory Policy. Please contact the Office of International Services for additional information.