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Saint Louis University Career Services has partnered with Interfolio, a premier web-based credentials file management service. On-line access to an electronically stored credentials file will provide the greatest convenience and accessibility for you.

Here are some of the ways that our partnership with Interfolio will improve the way you manage your credentials:

Self-managed - With Interfolio you can do everything by yourself at anytime. You are in complete control of your credentials file.

24-hour availability - You don't need to wait for regular business hours in order to add or update letters or documents in your file. You can make mailing requests and view mailing history round the clock.

High quality contents - Instead of photocopying, documents can be electronically uploaded into your account, including confidential letters of recommendation, providing clean credentials file deliveries.

Quick turnaround - Interfolio processes all delivery requests in one day. It also offers multiple mailing options, including FedEx, and electronic delivery (where available). They maintain a "100% guarantee that credentials will be delivered to their destination perfectly and on time. If anything goes wrong with a delivery - even if it's not our fault - we'll fix it for free."

Familiar payment options - Online credit card payments are accepted, as are checks and money orders.

Customer Service - Interfolio offers one business day turnaround on voicemail and all email questions sent to They also offer an online helpdesk for immediate answers to almost any question about their service.

Flexibility - Your files may contain many kinds of documents, so that you can store whatever you need to have the most complete application. In addition to recommendation letters, you can store other types of documents, such as writing samples, articles, test scores, unofficial transcripts, etc. Your file, including confidential letters of recommendation, is entirely self-managed.

Cost Savings - Interfolio charges a low annual maintenance fee and USPS deliveries begin at only $6.00.

We believe that students and alumni will find Interfolio to be a convenient and efficient resource.

In order to learn more or to begin utilizing Interfolio's credentials file services, you will need to visit thier site and sign up for an account.

If you have any questions about these changes in our credentials file service, please feel free to contact Career Services.

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