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Faculty and Staff Resources

One way Career Services assists students and alumni in exploring and pursuing meaningful careers is by fostering collaborative partnerships with faculty, staff and administrators. Through modeling and mentoring, these relationships and interactions empower students and alumni in their decision-making process and vocational discernment.

Referring Employers to Career Services

Part of our commitment to students is to connect and build relationships with employers.

We are open to recommendations from faculty and staff regarding employers they would like us to contact. Your submissions assist our office in making these employer outreach efforts, which benefits our students. If you are aware of an employer who has an open position or who could be a good outreach contact our employer relations consultant, Laura Schrubb, at 314-977-2949 or

Connecting Employers to the Classroom

We can connect you with employers who can come and speak with your students about their opportunities for internships/co-op and full-time jobs. Employers can inform students about the realities of the work they may be doing with their major or inform them of the job search skills they will need. Please contact Laura Schrubb, employer relations consultant, at 314-977-2949 or

Request a Classroom Presentation from Career Services

Career Services staff are available to conduct classroom presentations on a variety of career-related topics. 

Request a career services presentation by contacting 314-977-2828 or

Faculty Guidelines to Legal and Ethical Standards in Student Hiring

As a faculty member, you might play a direct role in the employment process for new graduates both through your interactions with students and with employers. In complement with the SLU career services staff, you influence both the students seeking employment as well as employers seeking talent. On occasion, your desire and willingness to help students in their job/internship search could result in unanticipated illegal and/or unethical actions.

The National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) has developed ethical standards for faculty assisting students in the job search. 

NACE Ethical Standards

Student Referral to Career Services

Our career counselors have the training and skills to support you as you work with students making career-related decisions. In addition to counseling, our staff often use assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory, and StrengthsQuest to help provide guidance on career direction.

Please refer students to Career Services when they:

  • Lack a career direction and has difficulty making career decisions
  • Have self-doubts or confusion and lack self-awareness
  • Love their major, but do not know where to take it
  • Have a career goal, but need help putting it into action
  • Want to find an internship, job shadowing or volunteer experience
  • Are ready to start the job search, and need assistance with networking, resume and/or cover letter development, and interviewing

Our counselors work with students from specific disciplines, but they are also generalists, able to work with deciding students and students from all majors and schools.

You can refer students to our office via phone, 314-977-2828, or through EAB Navigate in the mySLU portal to schedule an appointment.