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Facilities Services Staff Directory

VP Facilities Services 
Michael Lucido, Vice President
314-977-8173 Wool Center
Toni Dean, Admin. Assistant, Sr.
314-977-8173 Wool Center
Facilities Administration 
Laura Forhan, Director
314-977-3465 Wool Center
Renee Harris, Business Operations Coordinator
314-977-2365 Wool Center
Julie Yeager-Riley, Financial Assistant, Sr.    
314-977-2951 Wool Center
Amber Smallwood, Building Automation Systems Analyst
314-977-2955  Wool Center
Design and Construction Services 
Dustin Montgomery, Assistant Director
314-977-3228 Wool Center
Dan Kruep, Project Manager II
314-977-6230 Wool Center
Joseph Marshall, Project Manager II
314-977-8370 Wool Center
Shontel Johnson, Project/Contract Coordinator II
314-977-6006 Wool Center
Clarelle Vidal, Project Coordinator II
 314-977-3428 Wool Center
Matthew Bergman, Project Coordinator I    
314-977-2916 Wool Center
Kent Smith, Sr. Architect    
314-977-8183 Wool Center
Eric Davis, BCC Supervisor/Project  Manager    
314-977-6048 Wool Center
Custodial Services 
Jeff Macko, Director
314-977-2956 Wool Center
Akif Cogo, Assistant Director
314-977-5724 Monsanto Hall
Gwen Templeton, Supervisor
314-977-3071 Griesedieck Hall
Juanika Jones, Supervisor
314-977-2596 Lecture Halls
Damon Powells, Supervisor
314-977-2596 Lecture Halls
Kaye Chandler
314-977-2596 Lecture Halls
Rudy Prowl, Supervisor
314-977-8524 Schwitalla Hall
Celester Whittaker, Supervisor
314-977-8524 Schwitalla Hall
Distribution Services 
Mark Evans, Supervisor
314-977-2958  Earhart Hall
Sue Held, Coordinator
314-977-7179 Earhart Hall
Facilities Data Management 
Laura Forhan, Director
314-977-3465 Wool Center
Francisco Tobar, Manager
314-977-8722 Wool Center
Andrea Hudgens, Facilities Data Analyst
314-977-3496 Wool Center
Facilities Management 
Barth Breneman, Assistant Director
314-977-2966 Wool Center
Angela Hawkins, Assistant Director
314-977-8182  Schwitalla Hall
Keith McCune, Assistant Director
314-977-8247 Wool Center
Alex Del Vecchio, Supervisor
314-977-7126 Wool Center
Matt Toenjes, Supervisor
314-977-5978  Wool Center
John Wenkel, Supervisor 
314-977-2069 Wool Center
Kevin Rooney, Supervisor
314-977-7144 Wool Center
Chuck Goedde, Supervisor
314-977-1197  Schwitalla Hall
Joe Steen, Supervisor
314-977-8510 Schwitalla Hall
Grounds Services 
Jeff Macko, Director
314-977-2956 Wool Center
Jim Anthony, Supervisor
314-977-7178 Wool Center
Don Weindel, Supervisor
314-977-6792 Wool Center
Mail Services 
Mark Evans, Supervisor
314-977-2958 Earhart Hall
Sue Held, Coordinator
314-977-7128 Earhart Hall
Parking and Card Services 
Laura Forhan, Director
314-977-3465 Wool Center
Teri Monken, Assistant Director
314-977-3471 Wool Center
Stacy Mack, Parking Services Coordinator
314-977-2957 Wool Center
Real Estate
Renee Harris, Business Operations Coordinator
314-977-2365  Wool Center
Risk Management
Stewart Wirth, Director
314-977-2633 Wool Center
Maggie Nikolai, Analyst
314-977-7161 Wool Center
Transportation Services 
Allen Rice, Supervisor
314-977-2711 Wool Center