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Engineering and Innovation Learning Community

The Engineering and Innovation Learning Community is an excellent opportunity for you to live in a community of scholars that share a commitment to the fields of engineering, physics and flight science.

Parks College students

Located in Grand Hall, this community is extremely popular with first-year Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology  students. This community also has a sophomore component for active participants who wish to continue in the community for a second year. This community is open to all students in Parks College.


Associated Classes for 2019-2020



  • CHEM 1110: General Chemistry I
  • UNIV 1010: Enhancing First-Year Success
  • BME 1000: Intro to Biomedical Engineering I  
  • CVNG 1010: Intro to Civil Engineering 
  • AENG 1001: Intro to Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering 
  • ECE 1001: Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • MATH based on major and placement


  • PHYS 1610: Engineering Physics
  • MATH based on major and placement
Aviation Science


  • ASCI 1010: Professional Orientation
  • MATH based on major and placement


  • PHYS 1350 (Aviation Physics)
  • MATH based on major and placement

Engineering and Innovation Curricular and Co-Curricular Tracking

Students who complete all curricular and co-curricular requirements of the Learning Community program will receive a Gold Medallion to be worn at graduation and a Learning Community certificate, in recognition of their commitment and achievement within their LC. 

You are encouraged to track and share progress in the Learning Community program with your advisers, using this downloadable form to keep a personal record of  your participation, and to share your LC course progress, plans, co-curricular activities and service hours throughout the academic year. 

Tracking Form for the Engineering and Innovation Learning Community

Tracking Form for the Engineering and Innovation Learning Community (Aviation)

Engineering and Innovation Course Changes

All Learning Community students will be placed into the associated LC courses by the Learning Community academic coordinator. To request adds, drops, or other changes to your LC course schedule, you or your adviser should complete the corresponding Google Forms located below.

Faculty Associate

Scott A. Sell, Ph.D. is currently an associate professor of biomedical engineering in Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology at Saint Louis University. Sell’s Tissue Engineering Scaffold Fabrication Lab focuses on the fabrication and evaluation of tissue engineering scaffolds capable of replicating both the form and function of the native extracellular matrix (ECM). Dr. Sell is also heavily interested in engineering and entrepreneurship education; having worked closely with both the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) and the Coleman Foundation, and been selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineering’s Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium in 2016.

Sell has over 65 peer reviewed publications, over 150 conference abstracts, and 3150+ citations of his work. He has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards during his time at SLU.