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Diversity and Global Citizenship Learning Community

Located in Grand Hall, Saint Louis University's Diversity and Global Citizenship Learning Community aims to create an open-minded environment that appreciates difference, celebrates diversity and promotes cultural education.

Atlas Parade of Nations

Why Choose the Diversity and Global Citizenship Learning Community?

The Diversity and Global Citizenship Learning Community helps students to answer what it means to live in a global society by exploring the human experience. The students and faculty in this community are passionate about social justice and inclusion on a local and global scale. The community participates in dialogues about identity, dinners with faculty and workshops to further their understanding of diversity.  This community is open to all students. 

Recommended for: Students majoring in women's and gender studies, African American studies, American studies, sociology, anthropology, communication, economics, environmental studies, international studies, political science, and other arts and sciences majors.

Associated Classes for 2020-2021


  • UNIV 1010: Enhancing First-Year Success
  • POLS 1510: Politics of the Developing World
    SOC 1180: World Geography


  • ANTH/SOC 2080: Urban Issues: Poverty in a Global Perspective
    ASTD 3200: The Urban Crisis

Medallion: Diversity and Global Citizenship Curricular and Co-Curricular Tracking

Students who complete all curricular and co-curricular requirements of the Learning Community program will receive a Gold Medallion and Learning Community Certificate to be worn at graduation, in recognition of their commitment and achievement within their LC. 

You are encouraged to track and share progress in the Learning Community program with your advisers, using this downloadable form to keep a personal record of  your participation, and to share your LC course progress, plans, co-curricular activities and service hours throughout the academic year. 

Tracking Form for the Diversity and Global Citizenship Learning Community

Diversity and Global Citizenship Course Changes

All learning community students will be placed into the associated Diversity and Global Citizenship courses by the learning community academic coordinator. To request adds, drops or other changes to your LC course schedule, you or your advisor should complete the corresponding Google Forms located below. 

Faculty Associate

J.D. Bowen, Ph.D., studies Latin American politics, race and ethnicity, U.S. foreign policy (particularly in Latin America), and elite politics. Bowen has been teaching with learning community program since 2009.