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Life Sciences Learning Community

The Life Sciences Learning Community is always one of our largest and most sought after communities, filling multiple floors in Reinert Hall.

Life sciences students

The Life Sciences Learning Community gives you the opportunity to live and study with others who share your major. The community will help you to develop and explore interests within the medical sciences, public health, sustainability and technology in science. One of the main goals of this community is to provide the optimal environment for studying, learning and building community with other science and pre-medical students.

This community is open to all students, but is especially recommended for those majoring in biology, chemistry, pre-medical studies or environmental science.

Associated Classes for 2019-2020

General Sections
  • BIOL 1240/BIOL 1245: Principles of Biology I Lecture and Lab
  • UNIV 1010: Enhancing First-Year Success
  • CHEM depending on major, placement and track


  • BIO 1260/BIOL 1265: Principles of Biology II Lecture and Lab
  • CHEM depending on major, placement and track
  • PUBH 2100: Intro to Global Health
    IPE 1100: Introduction to Interprofessional Health Care (Public Health Majors Only)
Pre-Med Scholars
  • BIOL 1240/BIOL 1245: Principles of Biology I Lecture and Lab
  • CHEM 1110/CHEM 1115: General Chemistry I Lecture and Lab
  • UNIV 1010:  Enhancing First-Year Success
  • BIO 1260/BIOL 1265: Principles of Biology II Lecture and Lab
  • CHEM 1120/CHEM 1125: General Chemistry II Lecture and Lab

Life Sciences Curricular and Co-Curricular Tracking

Students who complete all curricular and co-curricular requirements of the Learning Community program will receive a Gold Medallion to be worn at graduation and a Learning Community certificate, in recognition of their commitment and achievement within their LC. 

You are encouraged to track and share progress in the Learning Community program with your advisers, using this downloadable form to keep a personal record of  your participation, and to share your LC course progress, plans, co-curricular activities and service hours throughout the academic year. 

Life Sciences Course Changes

All Learning Community students will be placed into the associated LC courses by the Learning Community academic coordinator. To request adds, drops, or other changes to your LC course schedule, you or your advisor should complete the corresponding Google Forms located below.

Faculty Associate

Blythe Janowiak, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Biology who uses biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular genetics to explore the relationship between microbes and their environment.  The Janowiak lab, currently located in Schwitalla Hall (room M212), welcomes graduate and undergraduate students in the laboratory with interest in the biochemistry of pathogenic bacteria. Research projects include the opportunity to study select Gram-positive pathogens using a variety of biochemical, microbiological, cellular, biophysical, and molecular techniques. Students interested are welcome to contact the lab about current research opportunities in the laboratory. Dr. Janowiak holds office hours in Reinert Hall and engages with residents within the Life Sciences Learning Community on a regular basis.