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Health Sciences Learning Community

The Health Sciences Learning Community is located in Reinert Hall and is one of SLU's most popular communities for first-year students.

Health Sciences students

The Health Sciences Learning Community provides the opportunity for you to further your understanding and connection to the interdisciplinary world of health sciences. Students in the Doisy College of Health Sciences and School of Nursing can join the Health Sciences Learning Community to live and learn with future colleagues in health care.

Recommended for students majoring in physical therapy, athletic training, nursing, occupational therapy, nutrition and dietetics, communication sciences and disorders, health information management or other Doisy health science programs.

Associated Classes for 2018-2019

Athletic Training and Physical Therapy
  • BIOL 1100: Introduction to Biology
  • CHEM 1083: Principles of Chemistry I
  • THEO 1000: Introduction to Theological Studies
  • DPT 1212: Student Development II
  • CHEM 1483: Principles of Chemistry 2 with Laboratory
  • NURS 1400: Introduction to Nursing
  • PSY 1010: Introduction to Psychology
  • CHEM 1083: Principles of Chemistry I
  • NURS 1430: Human Growth and Development
  • THEO 1000: Theological Foundations
  • ANAT 1000: Basic Human Anatomy
  • HCE 2010: Foundations of Healthcare Ethics
Occupational Therapy
  • BIOL 1100: Introduction to Biology
  • OCS 1000: Seminar in OT Practice
  • ANAT 1000: Basic Human Anatomy
  • HSCI 2500 : Human Development across the Lifespan
Health Sciences
  • HSCI 1000: Introduction to Health Sciences
  • CHEM 1110: General Chemistry I
  • BIOL 1240: Principles of Biology I
  • THEO 1000: Theological Foundations
  • PSY 1010: General Psychology

Health Sciences Curricular and Co-Curricular Tracking

Students who complete all curricular and co-curricular requirements of the Learning Community program will receive a Gold Medallion and Learning Community Certificate to be worn at graduation, in recognition of their commitment and achievement within their LC. 

You are encouraged to track and share progress in the Learning Community program with your advisers, using this downloadable form to keep a personal record of  your participation, and to share your LC course progress, plans, co-curricular activities and service hours throughout the academic year. 

Health Sciences Course Changes

All Learning Community students will be placed into the associated LC courses by the Learning Community academic coordinator. To request adds, drops, or other changes to your LC course schedule, you or your advisor should complete the corresponding Google Forms located below.

Faculty Associate

Ginge Kettenbach, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, has published several journal articles and presented nationally and internationally. In 2006, she received the John K. DiTiberio Award for Outstanding Dedication to the Education and Formation of Students as Professionals. Kettenbach has been involved with the Health Sciences Learning Community for several years.

I love living in the Health Sciences learning community where there are other people who have similar majors. We struggle and overcome obstacles together. At the end of the year, I enjoyed seeing how much we’ve all grown.

Leana Wu, health science student