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Saint Louis University Sign Guidelines

The following guidelines offer direction on all types of signage, from exterior building markers to interior office door signs at Saint Louis University. They also provide guidance on which office to contact for signage questions or requests. The guidelines should be consulted before moving forward with any signs at SLU.

Outdoor Signs

Building Markers
  • SLU buildings are primarily identified by standardized blue signs placed in the area outside the main entrance to the building.
  • These signs indicate the name of the building only, with the exception of buildings that contain clinics dedicated to patient care. Special permission from the Division of Facilities Services is required to include information about offices or other spaces within the building.
  • Special building or space markers acknowledging donors are only allowed through collaborative permission from the following divisions: Development, Facilities and Marketing and Communications (Marcom). The use of corporate logos will only be considered at certain giving levels. And for outdoor spaces, it is preferred the donor recognition be embedded in the environment rather than a freestanding sign.

    All new outdoor signs must accommodate lighting to ensure the signs are visible at night. 

  • Building identification beyond the standardized blue signs (including names adhered to buildings themselves) is to be coordinated between Marcom, Development and Facilities.

    Primary Contact: Facilities
Map Kiosks

Throughout campus, there are approximately 20 map kiosks. The map layouts are maintained by Marcom and installed by Facilities.

Primary Contact: Marcom

Sidewalk Stickers
  • Sidewalk stickers (i.e., large decals that affix to outdoor walkways) that promote events or school/program-specific advertising/marketing messages must be approved by Marcom and Facilities before installation. All costs are the responsibility of the requesting unit.
  • There can be no more than eight total stickers on campus -- both north and south campus locations -- for any campaign. And the sticker locations are to be determined in collaboration with Marcom.  
  • Each sticker size can be no larger than 48" x 42".
  • Stickers must be installed and removed by professionals. It is the responsibility of the funding unit to coordinate the installation and removal of the stickers, including escorting the sticker vendor by golf cart or providing a digital map with placement icons to vendor. Facilities must be informed of installation at least two business days in advance. Please note, if stickers are not removed in a timely manner, the funding unit may not receive permission for future sticker installation. 
  • Stickers may be in place for a maximum of six weeks. If stickers need to be on campus for more than six weeks, please consult with Marcom and share the reasons for a longer installation duration.
  • Damage or wear to stickers that would necessitate replacement is the responsibility of the funding office.

Primary Contact: Marcom

Banners on SLU Buildings
  • Permanent banners (i.e., banners affixed with hardware) that promote school/program-specific advertising/marketing messages or information about a building's occupants cannot be installed on SLU buildings. The only exceptions are banners that use existing hardware on O'Donnell Hall (SLUMA), the Compton Garage (facing Compton) and Chaifetz Arena (facing Highway 64/40).

  • Temporary banners that face the interior of campus, including student event banners, are allowed. For student banners, contact Student Development for more information. For all other banners, contact Marcom.

  • For questions or assistance with installation, contact and coordinate with Facilities.

    Primary Contact: Marcom
Light Pole Banners
  • SLU banners on city light poles are designed by Marcom and installed by Facilities. Generally, they are anticipated to last for three years.
  • Light poles on campus are generally not available for sign placement.

    Primary Contact: Marcom
Temporary Yard Signs
  • Signs for upcoming student events or activities can be placed in grassy areas around campus with permission from the Division of Student Development.
  • Signs should be in place for no more than seven days. Construction signs are exempt from this time limit.
  • Individuals or groups who place such signs are expected to remove them by noon on the day following the event. If signs are left, they will be discarded.
  • University departments/divisions that place signs around campus for special events or activities (e.g., Homecoming, lectures, athletic events, etc.) are bound by the same guidelines as students.

    Primary Contact: Student Development

Indoor Signs

  • These signs at the entrances to buildings that list office numbers, restrooms locations, etc., are generally maintained by a central office of the building’s main occupants.
  • In the case of multi-department/divisional occupant buildings such as DuBourg Hall or Busch Student Center, an individual department may elect to oversee directory information for all occupants.
  • It is recommended that digital directories be used whenever possible to allow for quicker updates. This to be coordinated with ITS.
  • After a building is open, occupying departments are responsible for updates and for any costs associated with future directories.
  • Directories should be ADA compliant.

    Primary Contact: Facilities
Office Door Signs
  • New signs that feature the name of the occupant of a single office or cubicle should follow the standard established at SLU in 2018 that calls for a two-part curved frame with a plastic raised letter/number top section and a removable bottom section that uses paper for the person’s name. For information on how to obtain these signs and pricing please contact Facilities.
  • Ideally, all office door signs in space should be uniform. Thus, if replacing one sign in an office suite or on the floor of a building, consider replacing all of signs to be prepared for future hires or staffing changes. If existing signs are to be retained, new signs should be purchased to match the existing ones.
  • After a building is open, occupying departments are responsible for updates and for any costs associated with future office door signs.

    Primary Contact: Facilities
  • Signs throughout buildings that direct visitors to various offices, meeting rooms and other spaces should only be used as needed. In most cases, a directory near the front entrance should suffice.
  • In the case of restrooms, additional directional signs can be installed as appropriate.
  • Like most interior signs, after a building is open, occupying departments are responsible for updates and for any costs associated with future wayfinding signs.

    Primary Contact: Facilities
Other Graphic Applications

In general, the use of University marks must conform with SLU branding guidelines. If you have questions if a design is compliant, contact Marcom.


Stickers, vinyl decals or any other coverings should not be applied to any elevator without prior approval from Facilities.

Primary Contact: Facilities


Stickers, vinyl decals or any other coverings seen in public spaces such as lobbies should not be applied to any wall or glass wall surface without prior approval from Facilities.

Primary Contact: Facilities

Ground / Sidewalks

Stickers, vinyl decals or any other coverings seen in public spaces such as lobbies, sidewalks or other walkways should not be applied without prior approval from Facilities.

Primary Contact: Facilities


Murals should not be painted on any SLU wall — interior or exterior — without prior approval from Facilities.

Primary Contact: Facilities

General Tips 

  • Installation for all new signage is overseen by the Division of Facilities Services.
  • Design for building specialty signage is overseen by the Division of Marketing and Communications. For a design that does not initiate in Marcom, Marcom’s approval is required before installation.
  • Marcom does not oversee artwork for student banners or yard signs, although if SLU logo marks are used, proper branding is expected on these. If there is a branding question, Marcom can provide guidance as needed.
  • Requests for signs to be funded by Facilities will follow the capital budget process. Signs funded by individual units may proceed under other timelines, as approved by Facilities.
  • The SLU logo is not to be incorporated into the design of any Saint Louis University building, either as dimensional signage or a feature of the architecture.
  • Facilities and Marcom representatives will convene on an as-needed basis to evaluate special requests.
  • Advertising for outside companies or products is generally not allowed, excluding Chaifetz Arena and existing formal SLU partnerships.
  • Directional signs/flyers are never to be taped to walls or doors inside buildings. In the event such signs are posted, they are to be removed promptly at the conclusion of the event.