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General Safety

General Safety at Saint Louis University is a multi-disciplinary approach to developing and ensuring safe work practices, maintaining the health and well-being of SLU employees, and ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies.

Environmental Health and Safety works to promote healthy and safe operations to protect all students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Hazard awareness is a necessary component to recognizing potential hazards in your workplace and is key to preventing injuries, illnesses, and property damage. If you have questions or concerns about general safety in your area, you can contact us at

Laboratory Decommissioning

Required when PI is relocating to another research laboratory within SLU, or leaving the University.

Laboratory Decommissioning Procedures Checklist

Principal Investigator (PI) Exit & Research Laboratory Decommissioning Policy

Laboratory Hibernation

Necessary when temporarily pausing research to safely shut down laboratory operations for an extended period (e.g. due to extended absences, such as sabbatical, work from home due to unforeseen circumstances such as building damage, pandemic, etc.)

Laboratory Ramp-Down Checklist