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Radiation Safety

Learn the operational details necessary to work safely with radioactive materials and ionizing radiation at Saint Louis University. Below you will find institutional and regulatory requirements, procedures, forms and other helpful resources. 

Area Contamination Surveys

Area contamination surveys are required to be performed in accordance with established procedures.

Area Survey Form

Dosimetry Program

Radiation dosimeters monitor the exposure of members of the Saint Louis University community that utilize radionuclides or machine-produced radiation. Applications and forms are available to initiate and maintain this service. Contact the radiation safety specialist for further information or to receive a series code if your department does not already utilize this service.

Emergency Spill Procedures

Access this information for detailed emergency procedures for radionuclides. Contact radiation safety immediately in any case of personnel contamination, if assistance is necessary for decontamination, or for additional information.

Radioactive Spill Procedures

Non-Human Use Research

(If you have trouble selecting a field within any of these PDF forms, try using the up and down arrow keys.)

Notice to Employees (NRC-3 Form)

NRC Form 3

Radioactive Waste

Radioactive Waste Packaging Instructions

Radioactive Waste Pickup Request

Survey Meters

Survey meters (e.g., Geiger counters) are required to be calibrated yearly (not to exceed 12 months) or following any repair.

  • Survey meters will be accepted for calibration in Doisy R-323 by appointment only. Survey meters will not be accepted at the EHS main office.
  • Please contact Lance Peters, Radiation Safety Specialist (314-977-6894 or to arrange for calibration. If he is unavailable, please contact Kevin Ferguson, associate radiation safety officer (314-977-6896 or
  • If your meter has already been calibrated by an outside vendor within the past 12 months, please forward a copy of the calibration certificate to Kevin Ferguson, Environmental Health and Safety, C305 Caroline Hall.


Clinical Radiation Safety Training

Contact Kevin Ferguson, associate radiation safety officer, at  to schedule radiation safety training involving the clinical use of radioactive materials or machine-produced radiation (X-ray, fluoroscopically guided procedures, accelerators, etc.).

Research Use of Radioactive Materials - Radiation Safety Orientation for Non-Human Use (Mandatory)

All individuals (permit holders, faculty, technical staff, students, etc.) must attend the Saint Louis University radiation safety orientation class and pass a written and practical exam prior to any use of radioactive materials. Contact Kevin Ferguson, associate radiation safety officer, at to schedule training.

Additional Radiation Safety Resources

Radiation Safety Committee details can be found here.