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Saint Louis University is committed to providing a healthy environment where research activities requiring hazardous materials, such as biohazards, chemicals and radioactive materials can be used effectively and safely.

In compliance with federal and state regulations and to provide a safe working environment at SLU, we provide laboratory-related safety training and orientation modules on a continuing basis throughout the year. 

Laboratory Safety and Compliance Training

Laboratory Safety and Compliance Training is a one-hour session providing training in general safety, chemical safety, biological safety and local, state and federal compliance requirements. All principal investigators, research faculty, staff, students and volunteers must take this training once every 12 months.

There are currently no live training sessions scheduled. To complete Laboratory Safety and Compliance Training electronically, review the slides linked below and complete the training quiz.

Retain a copy of the LST Quiz results that will be emailed. The email serves as proof of training. Note: Training certificates are no longer issued.
Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness Training

This training is required for all those individuals who may come in contact with human blood, human cell lines, or potentially infectious material as a part of their jobs. The refresher training is required annually.

Access the Online Training Module

Infectious Materials Shippers Training

DOT and/or IATA training is required for employees who package, ship or receive infectious materials at Saint Louis University. The online DOT training module for shipping materials by ground can be accessed through Skillsoft. The online IATA training module for shipping materials by air can also be found at Skillsoft

Radiation Safety Orientation for Researchers

This required four-hour session provides orientation and training in safely handling radioactive materials used in research. All principal investigators and research laboratory staff must complete the radiation safety orientation class before beginning work with radioactive materials. Individuals who work in laboratories where radioactive materials are used but who will not be working directly with radionuclides are also encouraged to attend the radiation safety orientation course. This session is offered monthly.

Register for Radiation Safety Orientation by contacting Kevin Ferguson at

BSL-3 Facility Awareness Training

Saint Louis University requires all personnel using BSL-3 laboratory facilities to complete initial facility awareness training before working in these high-containment laboratory areas. The training provides an overview of the facility's safety and security parameters, general facility functionality, and information on worker responsibilities. Refresher training is required annually. Please contact Christopher Eickhoff at 314-977-6888 or to register. 

Additionally, please review the following policy:

Minimum Training and Experience Requirements for BSL-3/ABSL-3 Work with SARS-CoV-2 and Other High Risk Pathogens.

ABSL-3 Facility Awareness Training (offered by Comparative Medicine)

The initial training includes information on handling animals infected with ABSL2 and/or ABSL3 agents, loss of containment, accidental exposures, spill procedures, personal protective equipment, facility safety parameters, emergency contact information, and a walk-through of the ABSL3 Facility and associated areas.

This training is required for all personnel before working with ABSL2 and/or ABSL3 agents in the ABSL3 Facility and gaining access to the ABSL Facility. The CDC requires completion of annual training. Annual refresher training must be completed or access to the ABSL3 Facility will be removed until refresher training has been completed. Please contact Frank Speck at 314-977-5437 or to schedule training.

Select Agent and High Containment Awareness Training

Saint Louis University requires all personnel working with select agents to have documented select agent awareness training. The training is required initially, before the start of select agent work. In addition, refresher training is required annually for those employees working with select agents. The training is provided by the Responsible Official and Alternate Responsible Official (designated under the University's select agent registration with the Department of Health and Human Services). The training is completed online. Immediately following the training is an assessment of the training provided. Please contact Christopher Eickhoff at 314-977-6888 or to arrange training.

Lab-Specific Biosafety Training

This training is required for principal investigators, research faculty, staff, students and volunteers that are listed on eIBC protocols.

Read the Lab-Specific Biosafety Training (PDF)

Laser Safety (Class 3B or 4) Training

For lab personnel using class 3B or 4 lasers, laser safety training is required. 

Access the Online Training Module 

Hazard Awareness Training for Support Staff

This training is required annually for support staff, including those in the Department of Public Safety, facilities services and custodial services. Please contact Renee Knoll at 314-977-6884 or to schedule a training session.

For additional information, contact Environmental Health and Safety at