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Visiting/Non-Degree Seeking Students

Saint Louis University welcomes eligible undergraduate and graduate visiting and international exchange students from any college or university to enroll in our college credit courses. We also welcome non-degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students who want to take a course at SLU but who are not currently enrolled at another institution. 

Application Instructions

When you're ready to apply to be a visiting/non-degree-seeking student at Saint Louis University, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Apply Now.
  2.  Fill out the application and submit it. If you have questions about the application, contact
  3. Send your official transcript from your current or most recently attended previous institution electronically to Jacob Wierson at, or mail to:

    Brouster Hall
    Attention: Jacob Wierson
    3840 Lindell Blvd.
    St. Louis, MO 63108
  4. Once your transcript is received and your application is complete, you will be contacted by Jacob Wierson to register for your course(s).

Apply Now 


What is the application process for graduate students? 

If you are interested in taking graduate courses as a non-degree-seeking student, the process will include the following: 

  • Fill out the visiting/non-degree-seeking application
  • Send your official transcript. 
  • Jacob Wierson will reach out to you directly to discover which course(s) you would like to take. 
  • Jacob Wierson will also share your transcript with the department/instructor of the course(s) you are interested in taking for approval.
  • If approved, Jacob Wierson will register you for class and send a confirmation email with detailed information. 

Per SLU policy, students can take a maximum of six credit hours at the master's level and nine hours at the doctoral level as a graduate non-degree seeking/unclassified student.

How do I look up classes at SLU?

Once you've been registered for classes, you can view your course schedule on Banner Self-Service via your MySLU account.

Prior to course registration, you can view the SLU course catalog by following these steps: 

  • Open Banner by clicking here.
  • Select the term you would like to take courses in the first drop-down menu. 
  • Search for "Subject" in the first drop-down menu (course subjects organized in alphabetical order). 
  • Click "Class Search."
  • Courses being offered will appear with class dates, instructor and the number of seats open. 
Where do I send my transcript?

As part of the visiting student application, an official transcript must be sent to Saint Louis University directly from your current college or university. Please send an official transcript to:

Brouster Hall
ATTN: Jacob Wierson
3840 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108

or via email to

How do I contact my instructor and retrieve a syllabus?

When looking up your classes in Banner Self-Service, the instructor teaching the course will be listed. To email the instructor for a course syllabus, click on the circular envelope icon located on the right-hand side of the instructor's name.

How much is tuition per credit hour?

Tuition rates vary. Visiting/non-degree-seeking students pay the per-credit-hour rate of the course(s) taken. 

View Tuition Rates

How do I receive and pay my bill?

You can access and pay your bill online using the Payment Suite in MySLU. The Payment Suite is located under the "Tools" tab in the icon with the green dollar bill in the center.

For payment deadlines and additional information on how to pay your bill at Saint Louis University,  please click here.

How do I access my student information?

You can access your student information in your MySLU portal under the "Student" tab.

Where are my class(es) located?

Classroom locations will be updated on your class schedule which can be found on your MySLU account under the "Student" tab.

You can also locate your classes on Banner Self-Service by clicking "Student," then "Registration," then "Student Schedule."

Click here for a map of Saint Louis University. ("North" is the main campus, "South "is the medical campus and "Law" is the SLU Law campus located in downtown St. Louis.) 

How do I get textbooks?

You can visit the SLU Barnes and Noble bookstore online.

To locate your textbooks online, click on the "Textbooks" tab,  select the term, department, course and section of your class, then click the "Find Materials" button. 

Where should I park, and what is the cost?

Parking information can be found through Parking and Card Services.