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Departments in SLU's Facilities Services Division

The Saint Louis University Division of Facilities Services is overseen by Vice President of Facilities Services, Michael Lucido. Scroll to learn more about each department below.

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The vice president's office provides leadership and direction for Saint Louis University's Division of Facilities Services, which has more than 360 employees and an annual operating budget of $38 million. The vice president of facilities services is part of the University's executive staff and interacts with the Board of Trustees and community leaders. 

Facilities Administration

The Department of Facilities Administration is primarily responsible for providing administrative and financial support functions to all facilities departments that include custodial services, distribution services, facilities data management, facilities management, facilities planning and construction,ground services, mail services, service operations, sustainability and benchmarking, transportation services, and the vice president of facilities services.

Construction Services

SLU's Department of Construction Services is responsible for ensuring that all construction and renovation projects are planned, designed and completed to meet the needs of the campus community and serve the goals of the University.

The Billiken Construction Crew is an in-house service department of skilled tradesmen assembled to successfully deliver high-quality workmanship for general construction services and renovation services on campus. The tasks performed under this group include minor demolition, carpentry, floor finishing and painting. This unit allows SLU to function as its own general contractor on specified projects, creating opportunities for cost savings and/or project efficiencies.

Custodial Services

SLU's Department of Custodial Services is responsible for providing cleaning and housekeeping services in all University-owned buildings except those areas occupied by food services. The department assists with room set-ups coordinated by SLU's event services staff.

Our custodians are represented by the Service Employees International Union, S.E.I.U., Local 1.

Distribution Services

SLU's Department of Distribution Services serves as the primary receiving center and distributes parcels to all University departments. The department coordinates the reuse of University furniture. It is also responsible for HIPPA-compliant record storage, moving services and outdoor tent set-ups coordinated by SLU's event services staff.

Our distribution workers are represented by the Service Employees International Union, S.E.I.U., Local 1.

Facilities Data Management

SLU's Department of Facilities Data Management is responsible for the implementation and management of the University's FM:Interact system (Facilities Administration Management Information System), management of real estate and space data, and creation of AutoCAD drawings of University-owned buildings. Additionally, the department coordinates with the University's IT division on technology support and needs for the facilities services division.

Facilities Management

SLU's Department of Facilities Management includes the Machine Shop and Maintenance Services, which is responsible for providing maintenance services to all University-owned buildings, including plumbing, electrical work, locksmith requests, HVAC and climate control concerns, and more. Maintenance services staff maintain signage, exterior lighting, water features and fountains on campus and install outdoor banners and Christmas decorations.

Grounds Services

SLU's Department of Grounds Services provides services for the maintenance and beautification of campus grounds, including flower beds, shrub and tree maintenance, litter collection, irrigation system maintenance, and snow removal. The department is responsible for the maintenance of SLU's athletic fields and turf, as well as sidewalk and parking lot maintenance and repair, and the University's single-stream recycling program.

Our grounds workers are represented by the Service Employees International Union, S.E.I.U., Local 1.

Mail Services

SLU's Department of Mail Services is responsible for the collection, processing and distribution of interoffice mail and the University's incoming/outgoing United States Postal Services (USPS) mail, except for student mail.

Parking, Card and Transportation Services

The Department of Parking, Card and Transportation Services is responsible for issuing parking permits, visitor passes, and monitoring parking lots/garages to ensure compliance with parking regulations. Card services staff issue identification cards to the SLU community, and manages meal plans, Billiken Bucks and Bonus Flex accounts.

Real Estate

SLU's Department of Real Estate is responsible for managing the University's real estate holdings, working with the Department of Construction Services on development projects, managing leases and assisting with civic affairs.

Sustainability and Benchmarking

SLU's Department of Sustainability and Benchmarking manages the process of identifying, prioritizing and tracking the Division of Facilities Services' sustainability-related initiatives which may include, but are not limited to, recycling programs, waste reduction, alternative transportation and energy initiatives.