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Avaya Voicemail FAQ

The new voicemail offers numerous features that can be accessed at (can only be accessed on campus.)

Web browser requirements

For the best use of these new features, we recommend opening the link using Internet Explorer

How to access the new features?
How do I log in

Enter your mailbox and existing voice mail password

What is "Notify me" feature

Set this up to send you a notification when you receive a new message. The notification can either be sent via email or text. Please note that you first have to enter your 10 digit number and choose a provider under "General"

What is "Reach me" feature

This in an optional feature, the system will try and call up to three phone numbers in order before sending caller to voicemail. Please note that you first have to enter your 10 digit number and choose a provider under "Notify me"

What is "My phone" feature
  • Select the order for unread, read, and saved message playback
  • Set up message playback speed
  • Date and Time announcement
    • When this is selected, you always get the Message Header information for each message
    • When this is not selected, you only get the Message Header information when you press (5) during message retrieval
  • Voice recognition for Addressing
    • When recording and then addressing a message, you can select the option of either saying the name of the recipient or entering their mailbox number using the telephone key pad
What is Personal List

Personal lists are voice message distribution lists. You can use a personal list to send a voice message to multiple recipients simultaneously.

How to set up Greetings
  • Set up prerecorded names and messages
  • Set up optional greetings:
    • Record optional greetings that the phone plays based on a set of optional rules. For example, you can set up an optional greeting to play during office hours to all internal callers who get no answer on your phone
How to reset my password:
  • Call Blackboard at 7-4000
  • Via the website
    • Click on Preferences
    • Click on Password
    • Enter new password
    • You will not be able to reset your password if you forgot your password, got locked out, or taken over a vacant phone
Known Issues
Disconnected vs connected
  • Depending on the browser you are using, you will see a "connected" or "disconnected" on the top right side of the website
  • Connected means the page is being refreshed automatically. Disconnected means the website has to be manually refreshed in order to receive new messages by clicking the browser refresh button.
  • For best use of the website, we highly recommend Internet Explorer
Flash Player
  • Depending on the web browser you are using and version, Flash Player may have to be enabled for all features to work.
  • If you are not able to enable it on your own, please call ITS support at 977-4000 and they will assist you