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Administrative Research Applications

Saint Louis University ITS supports a variety of administrative systems for research, including eIRB, eIBC, eSirius, InfoEd, and other products.

Systems and Applications

SLU's administrative research applications include:

Electronic Research Services (eRS)
Proposal submission, research compliance, grants management, and Conflict of Interest management system.
Electronic Institutional Review Board (eIRB)

A web-based human subject research compliance system supporting the Institutional Review Board (IRB). For more information about eIRB's functionality, please visit the website of the Institutional Review Board, or contact 314-977-7744 or

A web-based compliance management system for animal research supporting the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Comparative Medicine. 
Electronic Institutional Biosafety Committee (eIBC)
A web-based radiation and biosafety compliance management system supporting the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). For more information, please visit the website of the Institutional Biosafety Committee.
InfoEd is an electronic research administration system, consisting of a conflict of interest module and other processes related to grants administration.
REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture)

A free turn-key web-based research survey and data management application and infrastructure that provides secure data capture for research studies and the ability to invite survey participants external to SLU.

What is REDCap?

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. While REDCap can be used to collect virtually any type of data, it is specifically geared to support data capture for research studies. Find a detailed introduction on REDCap's website:

Current REDCap account holders can access the system at Your username is the same as your SLU Net ID.

How do I get a REDCap account?

To receive a REDCap account, go to  and enter your SLU Net ID and password. 

On the next page, enter your first and last name, and your SLU email address. Submit this information to receive an email verification in your SLU email from Follow the instructions in the email to complete the process of setting up a new account.

You must request the ability to create new projects. To do so, please submit a request with your name and SLU Net ID through the REDCap template on our self-service portal, or by contacting our help desk at or by calling 314-977-4000 (toll free 1-844-348-3957).

How do I get an account for an external collaborator?

To request an account for an external research collaborator, the following tasks need to be completed by the SLU sponsor:

  • A SLU guest account request will need to be completed. Please note the type of account you will need to request is Z-06 visiting researcher.  

    Request a Guest Account
  • After the SLU guest account request is processed and approved, the user will be able to sign up for access to REDCap following the steps above. ("How do I get a REDCap account?") 

How can I receive REDCap training?

There are several short and concise videos located on the REDCap video resource page. These are excellent videos explaining how to use REDCap, as well as the different types of projects available to use. 

REDCap Maintenance 

Occasionally, updates will need to be applied to the system. The standard planned maintenance window for REDCap is 9-11 a.m. CDT on the second Wednesday of every month. These times were selected based on system usage reporting to identify lower-usage periods. 

Creating a Project

You must request the ability to create new projects (please see above). After you have been granted access to create new projects, you will see the Create New Project tab. Select this tab to begin creating a new project. Enter the following information:

  • Project title
  • Select "Research" as the purpose
  • P.I. name
  • P.I. email
  • IRB number
  • Specify research type(s)
  • Select blank project or template (many researchers find the templates to be very helpful)
  • Click "Create Project"

Individuals wishing to create new projects must contact Timothy Wiemken ( or Leslie Hinyard ( 

Project Development

Once your project is created, it will be available on the "My Projects" tab. In this development phase changes can be made as often as needed. Data entry should be tested in this phase with test data. Test (not live) data should be used to make sure your project functions as expected.

Project Production

When you're ready to enter live data, you must first request your project be moved into production and submit a copy of the IRB approval letter to Projects that we do not receive an IRB approval or exception for via will not be considered for production. 

Please do not use this email address for any other inquiries. For all other questions or issues regarding REDCap, please submit a request through ITS customer service.

Exporting Data

Data may be identifiable when entered into the REDCap application but users must ensure that data is de-identified before exporting the data, as per the user's respective IRB agreement. A video on how to de-identify your data is available within REDCap under Export Data. Please review the IRB website for more information regarding identifiable information.

Please note that we will not be able to respond to emails (other than IRB approvals) sent to directly. 

A web-based intellectual property management system for technology transfer operations.