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Leadership and Employment

Employment and leadership positions in Saint Louis University's Department of Housing and Residence Life provide an excellent opportunity to gain leadership, enhanced communication and interpersonal skills.

Over 120 resident advisors, 10 desk managers, and 20 learning community peer mentors serve on staff in Housing and Residence Life. These staff members assist in supporting our academic communities and share responsibilities for connecting with students individually and in groups, developing an involving an inclusive community, and in fostering personal and academic success.

How to Apply

If you are interested in a resident advisor, desk manager, or peer mentor position, please attend one of our information sessions, beginning in mid-November. The schedule will be posted here. There may also be mid-year employment opportunities for some housing positions. Applications will be available on Handshake at the beginning of the academic year.

Student Staff Positions

Resident Advisor

The resident advisor (RA), as a peer educator and mentor, provides direction for student learning and academic success while assisting with the coordination of the development for a co-educational residential community. This includes facilitation of inclusive communities that foster academic and personal success, helping individuals with personal needs and concerns, and focusing on the whole student. To accomplish this, the RA must be flexible and creative in meeting the residents’ needs by serving as a peer educator, mentor, advisor, and activity planner. This position requires a serious time commitment and willingness to be available and accessible to other students. As a live-in student member of the Housing and Residence Life Department, the resident advisor is supervised by a hall coordinator.

Lead Resident Advisor

Through this valuable learning and leadership opportunity, lead resident advisors develop one on one connections, support academics, and build a sense of community in their residential community. The lead resident advisor reports directly to a professional staff member for the hall, apartment, or area. Lead resident advisors serve as resources for the residents, respond to crisis situations, and enforce policies. In addition, lead resident advisors assist the hall coordinator with the administrative duties for the area, provide leadership for the residence hall staff, and serve as a role model in all aspects of the position. Lead resident advisors collaborate with the Department of Housing and Residence Life and University professional staff to meet the varying needs of their building throughout the year. Applicants for the lead resident advisor position must have worked as a resident advisor for a minimum of one year in order to be eligible for the position.

Desk Manager

The desk manager assumes specific responsibilities in the areas of coordinating schedules, mentoring staff, planning training, and other reasonable duties as assigned. The desk manager reports directly to a professional staff member for the hall, apartment or area. In addition, desk managers assist the hall coordinator with the security desk and assist with administrative duties of the building. Desk managers collaborate with the Department of Housing and Residence Life and University professional staff to meet the varying needs of their building throughout the year. Applicants for the desk manager positions must have served as: a desk worker for two years or a resident advisor for one year in order to be eligible for the position.

Learning Community Peer Mentor

The learning community peer mentor (LC peer mentor) works collaboratively with the learning community residence hall staff to provide students with an awareness of on-campus resources, connections with faculty and staff on campus, and opportunities to serve their local and global communities. In their role, LC peer mentors work one on one with students to foster a sense of commitment to academics, service, and their individual learning community. As a live-in student leader, LC peer mentors serve as a positive role model and peer educator for learning community students.

Summer Staff Positions

The department offers many opportunities for employment and leadership over the summer months. Positions include: lead conference assistant, conference assistant, conference assistant for key management, laundry workers, summer furniture repair crew - lead worker, summer furniture repair crew, summer desk manager, resident advisor for summer housing, summer desk worker, and summer housing office assistants.

Federal Work Study Employment Opportunities

Students with federal work-study eligibility are encouraged to apply for the following department opportunities. As openings become available, information can be found on the SLU Handshake Career Database.

Desk Workers

Desk workers are student staff members who are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment for residents. They serve as a resource and provide exemplary customer service to students, guests, and prospective students. Desk workers addresses problems as they arise and perform various administrative tasks for desk operations. Desks are open 24 hours a day/seven days a week with some exceptions for times when buildings are closed.

Furniture Crew

The furniture crew is a student staff team that primarily works in the residence halls assisting with: furniture inventory, upkeep, and replacement. They also re-set lounge furniture, straighten storage rooms, and transport furniture. Because the furniture crew has direct contact with residents and guests, they must respond quickly and professionally to requests.

Housing Office Assistants

Housing office assistants conduct housing operations in various administrative and clerical capacities. Excellent phone skills and customer service skills are mandatory for this fast-paced position. Housing office assistants work in a diligent and efficient manner and must be proficient in Excel, Office, Powerpoint and Google Sheets.

Leadership Development Opportunities

The Department of Housing and Residence Life encourages residents to be active members of their residential community.

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) of Saint Louis University is a student run and led organization. Under the advisement of the Department of Housing and Residence Life, RHA is the second largest student organization on campus and is continually growing. Through its many events and programs, RHA stresses values such as leadership, diversity and advocacy. RHA is made up of representatives from each of the residence halls and apartment complexes.

Hall and Apartment Council

Each hall or apartment area has its own council with executive board officers and representatives from the various floors or buildings. In addition, each council sends its president and Residence Hall Association liaisons to the bi-weekly RHA general assembly meetings.

National Residence Hall Honorary

SLU’s National Residence Hall Honorary recognizes outstanding residence hall students who have exhibited exceptional service and valuable leadership in the advancement of the residence halls. The organization is to value the four pillars of the National Residence Hall Honorary - scholastics, recognition, leadership and service.

Learning Community Student Activities Board

The Learning Community Student Activities Board is made up of representatives from each of SLU’s learning communities. This group creates programming and ideas to bring the learning communities together and plays a vital role in the continued development of the learning communities.