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Theme Housing Communities

Theme housing is an opportunity for Saint Louis University students to live together centered on a common topic or values. Students in theme housing experience a connection to one another through engaged extra-curricular experiences related to the theme of the community.

Why Join a Theme Housing Community?

  • Explore leadership development opportunities
  • Connect with students with similar academic and personal goals
  • Explore career options
  • Get connected to campus life and University resources
  • Volunteer through community service projects
  • Explore St. Louis through field trips

Current Theme Housing Communities at SLU

Fraternity and Sorority Life Community

Join an all-Greek residence hall that provides a great opportunity for sorority and fraternity members to live together on campus. Located in DeMattias Hall, SLU's fraternity and sorority life  theme community is comprised of  more than 200 students who are members of Greek organizations. You must be an active member of a SLU chapter in order to live in this community.

Major Exploration Community

Located in the Griesedieck Complex, SLU's major exploration theme community is highly recommended if you are actively looking for a major at Saint Louis University. This community provides an opportunity to work with career development specialists, major exploration advisors, and program directors from various majors on campus. You will gain the support and encouragement of peers who are also searching for a major.

Transfer Community

Located in Marchetti Tower Apartments, SLU's transfer theme community provides a supportive environment for transfer students to successfully transition into the Saint Louis University community. The transfer community will connect you with other transfer students and the university to help ease the transition. We want all transfer students to feel the inclusion and pride associated with being a Billiken.

Wellness Community

SLU's wellness theme community, located in the Grand Forest Apartments, is designed to help you instill lifelong habits of wellness. This community focuses on fitness, physical wellness, nutrition and mental health. Through this community, you will be supported to reach goals in all aspects of wellness. Activities include organized fitness groups and challenges, community cooking opportunities, workshops to further assist with wellness understanding and goals, and more. You will have the option to take DIET 1000: Hot Topics in Nutrition, in order to enhance your healthy residential experience.

This community is designed for juniors and seniors living on-campus.

Roommate Requests and Theme Housing

If you request to live in a theme housing community and also submit a mutual roommate request, both you and your requested roommate must select the same theme housing choices.

A theme housing request will take priority over a mutual roommate request and over any building preference request.