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MOCRA Voices

MOCRA Voices brings you conversations with thinkers and practitioners at the intersections of contemporary art, religion, and spirituality.

Go in-depth with artists, scholars, theologians, religious leaders and others who are engaged in the ongoing dialogue between visual art and the religious and spiritual dimensions. MOCRA Voices includes audio and video podcasts available for streaming and download, as well as live programming.

Video Episodes

Visit the individual episode pages or visit MOCRA Voices on Vimeo.

Episode Release Date
Fred D. Gray: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment – A Study That Should Never Have Occurred Feb. 29, 2024
Meditations: Chester Higgins and Leslie King-Hammond Aug. 22, 2023
Meditations: Lauren Kelley and Summer Sloane-Britt Aug. 22, 2023
Meditations: Felipe Luciano and Malcolm Mooney Aug. 22, 2023
Meditations: Black Expression, Abstraction, and the Spirit – Season 1 Intro Aug. 22, 2023
Janet Park and Lesley Dill: Secret Languages, Sacred Ground Aug. 18, 2023
Artist, Poet, Curator: A Conversation with Lesley Dill, Tom Sleigh and Rene Paul Barilleaux Oct. 7, 2022
Aaron Rosen: Brushes with Faith - Encounters in Contemporary Art May 28, 2020
Pursuing the Spirit in Contemporary Art: A Celebration of Terrence Dempsey, S.J. May 28, 2020
A Conversation with Gary Logan July 11, 2019
"The Hand Acts Out a Joyous Dance": Celebrating the Art of Bernard Maisner May 29, 2017
Erika Diettes: Stories Told from the Threshold Nov 29, 2016
Michael Morris: Moving Pictures - The Bible and Beyond Aug 19, 2016
So That You Know Each Other: Intercultural Reflections on Art, Beauty, and Islam Feb 12, 2016
John Handley: The Religious Art of Pablo Picasso Jan 15, 2015
Art and the Religious Imagination Nov 18, 2014
"The Economy of Gift" in Socially Engaged Art Practices: A Public Deliberation Oct 16, 2014
Breaking Boundaries: A Conversation About the Art of Patrick Graham Jun 30, 2014
Stephen P. Durchslag: The Jewish Experience and the Haggadah Jul 12, 2013
Terrence Dempsey, S.J.: Georges Rouault and the Art of Sacred Engagement Jul 10, 2013
Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons: The Kristen Peterson Lecture Jun 24, 2013

Audio Episodes

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