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Distance Education Committee

The Provost relies on the Distance Education Committee (DEC) for developing and overseeing policies and processes for the effective delivery of high-quality distance education at Saint Louis University in compliance with Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and federal guidelines. The Provost establishes priorities for the DEC, and the DEC meets on a regular basis throughout the academic year and summer as needed. Recommendations going forward to the Provost will be based on majority vote by all DEC members.

Current Charge:

The Saint Louis University Distance Education Committee will, in partnership with existing structures and stakeholder groups, provide strategy development, planning, forecasting, and recommendations to operationalize the University’s distance education standards. The Committee’s immediate charge is to identify areas in which the University is most at risk of regulatory compliance and develop action items to mitigate the risks.


The Dean, Vice President, Director, or Provost from each College, School, Division, or Provost’s Office will choose the DEC member(s) from the respective unit. Each member will serve a two-year term. Reappointment or selection of a new representative is the purview of the Dean, Vice President, Director, or Provost from each College, School, Division, or Provost’s Office.

The Associate Provost for Distance Education, or an individual appointed by the Provost, will chair the DEC.

The DEC will invite other community stakeholders to meetings as appropriate. Representation may change periodically should Colleges/Schools realign, or should the DEC Chair or Provost see a need for other voices on the Committee.

University Policy for the Distance Education Committee (DEC) Membership

Current Members:

Debie Lohe (Chair) Provost - Distance Education
Srikanth Mudigonda School for Professional Studies

Mike Holmes

Information Technology Services
Cathy Cooke Distance Education Office
Alex Rogers Student Development
Julie Howe Doisy College of Health Sciences
Rebecca Hyde University Libraries
Kerrin Kowach School of Law
Sandy Gambill Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning
Steve Magoc Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology
Liuqing Mai Chaifetz School of Business
Marissa Cope Provost - Assessment
Divya Subramaniam SOM- Dept of Health and Clinical Outcomes Research
Joanne Thanavaro Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing
Kathleen Llewellyn College of Arts and Sciences
Michael Elliott College of Public Health and Social Justice
Molly Schaller School of Education