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The Magis Faculty Society of Saint Louis University


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To provide opportunities for emeritus and retired faculty to come together to enjoy continuing bonds of collegiality, to participate in educational and professional programs, and to continue to be men and women for and with others through ongoing service to the University community.

Magis is the Latin term meaning “more” and has been traditionally used by the Jesuits to suggest the spirit of generous excellence and striving for the greater good. Although technically retired, we continue to pursue the magis through collegial relations, personal development, and service.


A number of years ago, the late Don King (Law) founded the Society of Emeritus and Emerita Professors. For a variety of reasons, that organization went out of existence. In 2012, with the encouragement and support of former President Biondi, a group of retired colleagues formed a new organization for emeritus and retired faculty at Saint Louis University--the Magis Faculty Society. We continue to enjoy and appreciate the ongoing financial and logistical support provided by the current president and provost of the University.


All faculty members who have been awarded emeritus/a faculty status or retired faculty status are automatically considered members of the Magis Faculty Society of Saint Louis University and are entitled to participate in the activities of the Society. Spouses of deceased emeritus/a or retired faculty are also invited to participate in Magis Society events. Our members come from all disciplines of the University.

Magis Faculty Society Organizing Committee

John Slosar (Social Work), Chair; Carmine Coscia (Medicine); Vijai Dixit (Science & Engineering); Mary Domahidy (former Public Service); Judy Durham (Arts & Sciences); Roy Ruckdeschel (Social Work); Ray Slavin (Medicine); Lee Smith (Nursing)

Magis Society Activities

While our most recent activities have been focused on luncheons with presenters from the University, past activities included museum visits, attendance at the University theater with after-performance receptions, attendance at Billiken basketball games, and days of community service. We are open to suggestions for other activities that may be of interest to our members.

Magis Luncheons

The Magis luncheons are generally held on campus in Il Monastero (3050 Olive St) which is fully accessible and has plentiful free parking. The luncheons are free for members and a guest but do require an RSVP in response to an email invitation.

Future Events

Lee SmithBattle, Ph.D., R.N., Professor Emerita, Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing, will address the Magis Faculty Society at a buffet luncheon at 11:30 am on Monday, December 4, 2023. Her topic is "Challenging Conventional Wisdom: A Longitudinal, Multigenerational Study of Teen Mothering."  Teen mothering was identified as a social and public health problem in the US beginning in the late 1970s as advocacy groups, policy makers, and researchers responded with alarm to the rise in ‘unwed’ teen pregnancies and births. This presentation provides an overview of the author’s 7-wave, 28-year, multigenerational study of teen mothers, and their parents and children. Findings from the very first wave called into question the scientific discourse that teen mothering begins a downward spiral. Subsequent waves brought attention to the contribution of family legacies, stigmatizing experiences, systemic racism, childhood adversities, and levels of (dis)advantage in shaping the life-course of former teen mothers and their children. Evidence from a vast number of qualitative studies and sophisticated quantitative studies call for a paradigm shift that recognizes teen mothers’ strengths and resilience and links their vulnerabilities to childhood adversities and longstanding disadvantage.

The luncheon will be held at Il Monastero (3050 Olive Street); parking on-site isfree. This event is free for emeritus and retired faculty and their guests, but reservations are required.  Please RSVP by replying to as early as possible, but no later than Sunday, November 26, 2023.  Include the name of your guest if you are bringing one.  We order the food for this event based on the number of RSVPs and must pay for the food whether or not you attend. Thank you.

Recent Past Events
  • October 24, 2023: Dr. Jason Eberl: "The Ethical Use and Abuse of Artificial Intelligence"
  • March 28, 2023: Dr. Marla Berg-Weger: "SLU Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program: Meeting the Needs of Older Adults"
  • February 20, 2023: Dr. Karla D. Scott: "A Primer to Talk About Race and Dialogue Across Identity Divisions"
  • November 4, 2022: Dr. Monica Eppinger: "Ukraine, Russia and the U.S: What You Should Know"
  • September 29, 2022: Dr. Kasey Fowler-Finn: "Singing with Vibrations"
  • May 19, 2022: Dr. Daniel Hoft: “Covid-19: Past, Present and Future”
  • March 31, 2022: President Fred Pestello addressed the Magis Faculty Society
  • November 15, 2019: Mr. Brooks Goedeker, "Saint Louis University's New  Redevelopment Corporation and Area "
  • September 24, 2019: Dr. Mary Prendergast: “The ‘Ancient DNA Revolution’ in Africa: Bridging Archaeology and Genetics to Build a Better Discipline”
  • April 24, 2019: Fr. John Padberg, S.J.: “Fr. Claude Heithaus and the Integration of  Saint Louis University”
  • March 12, 2019: Dr. Robert Heaney: “Re-imagining and Renewing the Saint Louis University Medical Center Campus”

Useful Information

Parking on campus is complimentary for SLU emeritus faculty at the Laclede, Olive, and Hickory East and West garages. A SLU ID is needed to access garages and lots. Simply place the card on the card reader, and the gate will rise. Please note that

    • Parking is not available in the visitor sections of the Laclede, Olive, and Hickory garages. 
    • Emeritus faculty are not eligible for complimentary parking for SLU Chaifetz Arena events in parking locations east of Grand.

If you are not identified in Banner as emeritus faculty, Parking, Card, and Transportation Services will require appropriate verification of your status from the Office of the Provost before an ID and complimentary parking will be issued. Emeritus faculty have the same parking privileges, and are subject to the same rules, as permit holders in the designated garages.

In Memoriam (2021-2023)

Edward M. Wittgen, M.D.: 1932-2023
Brian P. Nedwek, Ph.D.: 1941-2023
Thomas C. Westfall, Ph.D.: 1937-2023
Alice B. Hayes, Ph.D.: 1937-2023
George Terzis, Ph.D.: 1951-2023
Roger L. Goldman, J.D.: 1941-2023

Paul A. Young, Ph.D.: 1926-2023 
Joan Haselman Carter, Ph.D.: 1933-2023
Alberto Galofré, M.D., M.Ed.: 1937-2023
Paul Hotfelder: 1949-2023
Robert A. Strikwerda, Ph.D.: 1950-2022
Donald B. King, J.D.: 1932-2022
Judith Medoff, Ph.D.: 1938-2022
José Mariano Sánchez, Ph.D.:1932-2022
Richard M. Andres, Ph.D.: 1932-2022
Kathryn E. Kuhn, Ph.D.: 1963-2022
Rose (Jan) Wilson, Ph.D.: 1946-2022
Garth L. Hallett, S.J.: 1927-2022
John J. Stretch, Ph.D.: 1935-2022
Frederick G. McLeod, S.J.: 1932-2022
Lewis C. Perry, Ph.D.: 1938-2022
Roy E. Cheatham, Ph.D: 1941-2021
John Padberg, S.J.: 1926-2021
Mary A. Bruemmer, 1920-2021
Krishnaswamy "Ravi" Ravindra, Ph.D.: 1949-2021
Gladys W. Gruenberg, Ph.D.: 1920-2021
Richard “Dick” J. Blackwell Sr., Ph.D.: 1929-2021
Janice Ann Noack, Ph.D.: 1933-2021
Matthias H. 'Matt' Backer, M.D.: 1926-2021
Paul Petruska, M.D.: 1941-2021
Dorothy Stroh Becvar, Ph.D.: 1941-2021
Elizabeth Winfrey Shindel, Ph.D.: 1951-2021
Harold 'Hal' Bush, Ph.D.: 1956-2021
Reuven R. Levary, Ph.D.: 1944-2021
Jonathan C. Smith, Ph.D.: 1959-2021
William "Bill" Wold, Ph.D.: 1944-2021
Irene T. Schulze, Ph.D.: 1929-2021
Philip LeFevre III, M.D.: 1935-2021
Shirley 'Tuck' Loui, Ph.D.: 1930-2021
Wayne Loui: 1931-2021
James Bohman, Ph.D.: 1954-2021